Materiality & Ceramics

The sound of ceramics

The key points of materiality through ceramics are:
– bringing ancient materials into the modern age through updates in technology.
– the increasing popularity of 3D printing means in some way it can be brought into use in almost all fields and using a vast array of materials, plastics, glass, ceramics etc.
– almost in counter action to the updates in technology there is still a demand for traditional techniques to be mastered and then used to produce items with themes and underlying messages that appeal to current trends.
– the continuing potential for use of ceramic materials in the medical field, with advancing technology allowing for more intricate and sophisticated production of implants and prosthetics that work much more effectively within the body that other materials.
– continued cultural obsession with collecting and owning means that ceramic items continues to have a place and value within future markets

YouTube Links
Google talk about the future uses of ceramics

3D printing in ceramics

 Using an ancient material to produce modern components

The making of
ceramics 2ceramics 1ceramics 1 ceramics 2 ceramics 3 ceramics 4 caramics 5


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