Materiality & Plastic

Plastics in the future of design
The key points for plastics in the future of design:

– 3D printing means that almost any item can be now printed using plastics and be fully functional without hours or assembly. This is particularly relevant to the future designs of prosthetic, as body scanning and 3d printing can be combined to make extraordinarily accurate limbs tailored to individuals.

– Bioplastics are changing how we feel about the ‘evils’ of using plastic due to its environmentally friendly biodegradable nature.

– Lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastics are being developed to be ultra strong and lightweight for use in future spacecraft, the applications for this in regular life are vast and can be applied in various other industries.

– Self healing plastics, well they do sound like something out of science fiction but they hold massive potential for use in remote locations such as on spacecraft or in drilling operations, there could even be applications for regenerating shield for military use.

– Plastic electronics could mean a future of smartphone design where the phone is actually supposed to bend!

Youtube links about plastics in the future of design:


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